Find out the answers to all those questions you have…


Find out the answers to all those questions you have…

Why do I need the Ballina Chamber of Commerce in my life?

Alliances and answers is what it all boils down to.  The Ballina Chamber of Commerce specialises in providing both.  The Chamber is run by and for business owners, industry leaders and key influencers of the Ballina community.  We are a not-for-profit organisation that delivers real value to its members through advocacy, representation, information, education, promotion and networking.


We champion your cause and lobby decision makers far and wide to ensure business in Ballina booms.


Be in two places at once!  The Chamber showcases your products, voices your concerns and sings your praises wherever we go.


How did they do that?!  We get the inside story on best business practice from around the world as well as giving you a handy ‘heads up’ on need-to-knows coming your way.


Keep your sensei status current with relevant, practical and timely education for you and your team.


Your brand comes with us wherever we go from Ballina to beyond.  We climb every mountain to bring business back to Ballina.


We’re better together.  Membership opens the door, rolls out the welcome mat and makes it easy for you to make your mingling matter.

Lobby & Advocacy

The Chamber provides representation and advocacy on behalf of members, actively lobbying to support the interests of the local community. The Chamber is a powerful ally providing you with the opportunity to influence decisions and protect the rights of business.

The member elected Board of the Chamber meet once a month to discuss local issues and address business concerns of members. Issues up for discussion include but are not limited to:
• parking and infrastructure upgrades
• differential business rating
• tourism and town promotion
• economic development
• zoning and land planning
• Local Government procurement policies (Buy Local)
• penalty rates and compliance burden.

The Chamber is frequently approached by Government departments, community groups, and private enterprise to host briefing events for the purpose of keeping members up to date on legislation, development projects, and various activities in and around Ballina Shire. We bring up to date information to you instead of you taking time out to find it.


Ballina Chamber of Commerce is a proud alliance partner with New South Wales Business Chamber. This program has been vital in uniting the Chamber movement and ensuring the interests of small and large businesses are represented at a local, regional, state and federal levels. Ballina Chamber of Commerce has a proven track record when it comes to local lobby and advocacy outcomes. We are also committed to influencing decision makers on bigger picture issues such as taxation, industrial relations and compliance burden.


Ballina Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with Ballina Shire Council as joint-members of the North Coast Destination Network (NCDN). This partnership with Council offers us opportunity to actively influence tourism initiatives.

The local economy is underpinned by tourism activity and with the recent completion of the Ballina bypass it is more important than ever to focus on increasing tourist visitation. With many visitors becoming locals, we also see tourism playing a vital role in an overall growth strategy for Ballina Coast & Hinterland.

The North Coast Destination Network’s intended outcomes include:

  • Providing a roadmap to double overnight visitor expenditure by 2020.
  • Creating a collaborative capacity across the Mid North Coast and Northern Rivers regions.
  • Reducing the amount of duplication in regional tourism resulting in greater economies of scale.

Membership with NCDN guarantees annual funding for destination marketing and greater opportunities for product development specific to Ballina.
The first campaign under this funding model, the Ballina Passport, was delivered in 2013 resulting in:
• Television commercials airing into SE QLD and regional NSW promoting Ballina as a holiday destination.
• A highly successful social media campaign using local residents as ambassadors for Ballina Shire.
• 15,000 Ballina Passports distributed promoting Ballina Coast & Hinterland businesses.
• Additional functionality for promotion of ‘Hot Deals’ on the Discover Ballina Website.
• A Billboard on the Highway in Woodburn promoting the Ballina Exit to motorists.

The Chamber looks forward to working with Council and industry into the future to firmly position our unique and diverse towns, villages and hamlets as key holiday destinations.


PO Box 444

Ballina NSW 2478

Phone: 0466 639 635

Email: info@ballinachamber.com.au

Advertising opportunities are available. For more information, please contact us.